Hello hello! This is my art blog where I'll upload my sketches and drawings!
I LOVE HAIKYUU! So expect a lot of fanart from me~

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Aoba x Koujaku sketch~ >w

nom nom by Forbidden-rice
hehe Aoba and Noiz~ and takoyaki! I really like takoyaki! OwO

You may realise i’ve already uploaded this… but I’ve edited it and made the colours lighter since I wasn’t happy with it before… I think it looks better… =.=”

I will digitise this! :3

I forgot tsukki’s glasses! >_<

I’m finally colouring the sketch of these two which i previously uploaded! XDThough it’d take a while before I finish this… because of uni assignments! TTATT

The same drawing as this previously uploaded one but with a different background…which do you think is better??

The drawing of Nai I did for my Karneval blog (except with different type)

Kids by Forbidden-rice

Snowy Day by Forbidden-rice
I finished my assignment quickly to do this! I quite like this new painting technique i used~ ^w^


lookin through all your old art like