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Hello I'm Naruu!
This is my art blog for my doodles and drawings!

DA: Forbidden-rice
Pixiv ID: 11800579
Inkblazer: Na-ruu
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mmm…. me love nikuman~


My Hina neko by Forbidden-rice

[UPDATE] Translated, changed colouring a bit, 3rd panel hina neko redrawn

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Hina neko trying to jump up onto the table ^w^

Happy Birthday to Nekoma’s pudding skillful setter! 8D
I wanted to put him in a sweater…

I just wanted to give him an orange hoodie ok

Quick Aoba sketch….

This is for my lovely friend~ askhungryeren! <33 i’ve been wanting to draw him for you for a while now… so here you go! OwO


Tobio-chan is too cute so I had to bully him.